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Sustainability Statement


Mangotree Kids Wonderful World

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A  Better  Tomorrow

Sustainability Statement

At Mangotree Kids we believe we are global citizens and therefore we are seriously committed to playing our part in creating a wonderful world that is more inclusive and sustainable for all our children and future generations.

We recognise that we have a responsibility  to the environment that goes beyond complying with government legislations.

We endeavour to reduce our environmental impact, and are committed to improving our environmental performance as an integral part of our business culture and strategy. We will encourage our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to do the same.





Since the beginning, Mangotree kids has worked hard to address the lack of culturally diverse toys, books and authentic cultural experiences for black and other ethnic minority children which would inspire them to love their culture and to teach all children to have a love for different cultures. Our beautifully well-made toys are almost 70% made from natural materials we are working towards our goal that by 2025 our entire product range will be made from natural materials.


We are dedicated in designing and sourcing new products that are long-lasting and can be recycled for a multi purpose use.


We understand the damage being done to the environment through the overuse of plastic bags and excess packaging so the vast majority of our packaging is made of paper or cardboard and we have also invested in digital software to enable us to limit the amount of paper we actually use in our office.



We are combating social isolation within different groups, participating within the elderly and young mums with our specially designed cross-generation African drumming sessions putting wellbeing at the forefront of our creative drumming sessions turning strangers into a community one session at a time.


With a high percentage of our range of instruments being made from wood,

We want to redress the effects of deforestation by supporting charitable organisations that have well-established tree planting projects in Africa.


Mangotree Kids is proud to support Tree Aid who work to help grow trees across the drylands of Africa. When booking one of our children's parties or wellbeing drumming sessions our customers also have the opportunity to stand with communities across the drylands of Africa, by purchasing a range of Gifts That Grow such as Marvellous Mango



We are actively working towards reducing our carbon emissions output and have pledged that by 2025 to have at least 50% of our company vehicles electric and as our company continues to grows our fleet will eventually be entirely green. 

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