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Black History Month

Mangotree kids celebrates Black history throughout the year, however the month of October is special,  so we focus on a theme.

This year our theme is The Importance of the Djembe Drum as a form of Communication.

Our workshops are designed to be fun, educational and engaging for children of all ages and abilities. The sessions also support the learning objectives of the national curriculum.


African Drumming for Nurseries

Bringing history alive for the very young is best achieved through storytelling,  so we take the children on a journey of discovery back in time to teach them how in African and the Caribbean, the Djembe drum was used to send   Importance messages. All the children are provided with their own and to add to the learning experience we dress the children in colourful traditional African robes or our wonderful Cultural Superhero Capes as they embark on a secret mission, sing and dancing is also incorporated to reinforce the development of their speech and language skills. This workshop is a wonderful opportunity for the children to learn about Black History in a way that is perfect for their age group.

African Drumming for Schools

Our school workshops for Key Stage 1 and 2 will delve deeper into the history of the Djembe drum how it was made and the types of wood and skins used. The children will gain a greater understanding of the drums cultural and historical significance as an effective form of communication in times of peace and war. To demonstrate this,  the Call and Response Technique will be used to teach children rhythms and messages which they will then use to communicate as a group. They will discuss with their Drum teacher how this method of communication differs from other forms of communication in different parts of the world. The workshop is a great way of show how Djembe drumming is woven through the fabric of Black History.

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Buy Cultural Products for Your Classroom

Why not enhance your resources with some cultural toys and books, we have a wonderful selection of products to create some amazing cultural displays for Black History Month. and well as beautiful Djembe drums and other instruments call made from natural materials in a traditional way.

Bring Culture Home 

We have a lovely selection of toys and books that truly represent the richness of African and Caribbean culture. It is a wonderful thing for children to play with toys that have a nostalgic value from your childhood such as our handmade coal pots and traditional sweeping brooms.Take a look at our collection and share some of your childhood with your children.

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